Handcrafted Custom Cabinetry


Rich History

In the middle of this past century, Phares Rutt founded his custom cabinetry company, drawing inspiration from artisans many centuries before him. Working from a rustic workshop next to his home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Rutt produced designs that were both innovative and timeless - displaying uncompromising hand craftsmanship that is unique to southeastern Pennsylvania’s Amish and Mennonite communities. News spread quickly and Rutt soon set the standard for custom cabinetry and carved out a unique position as the leading manufacturer of custom cabinetry.


Uncompromised Since the Very Beginning

Not too much has changed since Phares Rutt opened his shop in 1951. The people are still friendly, life is still peaceful and each one–of-a-kind piece is still made by hand. Rutt has added technology where it helps to guarantee a higher level of quality, but never as a replacement for the skill and pride of the artisans. Theirs is a tireless devotion – some boast decades of dedication to their craft at Rutt.


Timeless Perfection

Rutt has been the foundation of thousands of unique kitchens over the years, and many are still enjoyed by their original owners. Appliances, flooring, and sinks have been replaced but the Rutt cabinetry remains – beautiful, functional, and timeless. All because someone had the vision to demand the very best. We have had many years to hone our craft, to perfect our cabinetry. Not one second has been wasted. It only takes a brief glance at a Rutt original to understand the depth of our commitment – but look closer. You will see it in every aspect of our craftsmanship, from the harmonious way components join together, to the careful wood grain matching and hand finishing. Today, we continue to set the industry standard for attention to detail, steadfastly refusing to compromise our craft. Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry is truly the Creator of Timeless Originals.