The Process

Our Tailor-Made Design & Creative Process

Every client is unique but there is a flow that is consistent from project to project. Below is an overview of the typical process. You will quickly see our attention to detail and the time our team takes to understand your project allows us to deliver something that’s perfect for you and your budget.

Listen, Learning, & Laying Out a Design Plan
• When you visit for the first time, one of our designers will guide you through the showroom and the vignettes to get a feel for your style preferences and to understand your particular cabinetry requirements.
• A complimentary consultation in the showroom is scheduled where the designer can review your plans and ideas in order to prepare a design concept and an estimate. At this meeting, your space’s aesthetics and functionality will be discussed. By listening to you carefully, our designer will be able to select a door style and finish that will serve as the design inspiration for your cabinetry.
• At your next scheduled meeting, our designer will show you sketches of your floor plan as inspiration for your new space. A budget is prepared and presented so you will have all of the information you will need to make an informed decision.
• After reviewing the presentation, you have the opportunity to move forward and work with Rutt of Los Altos. Once a 10% retainer is made our designer begins working on all of the fine details. Note: 100% of the retainer goes towards the purchase price of your cabinetry.

Measuring, Verifying & Engineering the Design
So many exciting things happen during this phase.
• We order a full size custom door and drawer front sample so you can see and feel how the cabinetry will be handcrafted just for you. It’s a tangible way to visualize the end result. This sample is used as an aid in the selection of other finishes needed to complete your space (counter tops, fabrics, wall color, etc.).
• Our designer measures your space and begins to refine the design. We will present you with detailed floor plans and elevations of each wall so you can truly start to imagine the possibilities. Remember, our designs and cabinetry are completely custom to your space, and nothing is pre-made or modular.
• When you are happy that all of your needs (and dreams) are met, we re-verify all measurements on site before your cabinetry is engineered in our Los Altos showroom and the order is sent to our Rutt craftsmen.

Handcrafting, Building, & Delivering Fully Finished Custom Cabinetry
• Your detailed plans are sent to Rutt in Pennsylvania where craftsmen re-engineer to double check your design. Then your designs are handcrafted, piece by piece, by skilled craftsman many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. This process, from order to delivery, takes about nine weeks on average.
• Your cabinets are created in a holistic environment where we follow standards and practices of sustainability. An independent third party certifies that we adhere to rigid guidelines for environmental stewardship. We care deeply about the art we practice - we are proud of the quality of products we produce and the standards under which we produce them.
• Your custom cabinetry is delivered to your home fully finished and ready for installation. We work closely with your contractor to ensure that everything is installed to your complete satisfaction.